Hi I'm Max.

If you’ve stumbled across this site, Welcome !

I’m a Newcastle based software engineer.
I use this space for exploring new ideas and technologies.
It’s about building things and jumping into the deep end of software development.


Whenever I come across something new I find interesting I post about it here. And if there is something I’ve learnt along the way, I post it so I can share it and come back to it later. Here are some of my favourites.

About Me

Do you need something built or are you looking to employ a new engineer onto your team ?

About Me

I am a developer and software enthusiast currently living in Newcastle. I am a passionate engineer who thrives in challenging environments and am my best when engaging with new technologies and applying software to solve difficult problems. My passion and work ethic are reflected strongly in my academic record and in the projects that I have completed successfully as a developer. I am an engaged and hard-working team member and enjoy the challenges associated with all aspects of the software development lifecycle from project management and requirements gathering to development and maintenance. I have a versatile technical skillset and I have been lucky enough to be exposed to an excellent variety of languages, technologies, and paradigms for an engineer of my age thanks to the software development co- venture I started with a group of fellow student developers in 2020. Software is my greatest passion and as a result research and personal projects consume most of my free time. If I am not programming then I am fishing, camping or spending time with my amazing girlfriend.


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I'm currently a co-founder and developer at Jaegersoft, a hunter based company focused on solving problems requiring entirely customisable software solutions across numerous domains including mobile, web and IOT. This position has afforded me excellent experience in a technical sense as well as placed me in a situation where I have been able to develop business management skills including client liason, project time & cost estimation and marketting.

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I worked full time for three months as an undergraduate vacation student Engineer for Glencore's Ravensworth Open Cut Mine in the Department of Maintenance and Engineering. The role involved collaborating and providing data for analysis to external contractors (engineering consultants), conducting safety inspections, managing small engineering projects and the maintenance of record keeping systems. I developed an improved Gantt chart/Work Scope generator that was rolled out daily to hundreds of my staff.

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I recently completed my 9th semester of full-time study as a software engineering student, maintaining a grade point average (GPA) of 6.9 across 35 completed courses. My passion for software is accompanied by a love for Maths and Physics. I began my tertiary education with two years of Mechanical/Mechatronic engineering during which time I maintained a perfect GPA and (WAM) Weighted Average Mark of 95 - only dropping out to pursue the even stronger passion I developed for software. I have been the recipient of close to 40 thousand dollars in scholarships awarded for academic performance and have been on the faculty commendation list for every year I have attended university.

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You can try contact me at any time through any of the channels below, I’ll try get back to you as quickly as possible !

(+614) 0431 176 489
Hamilton, NSW, Australia
(+614) 0431 176 489
Hamilton, NSW, Australia
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